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Jessica Wingert

July 31, 2020 - 6 min. read

Happy August, Collective! Where has the time gone? We’re officially halfway through 2020! Some of you may still be deep in quarantine mode while others may already be well-versed in the “new normal” that includes physical distancing.

This month, we’ve compiled a few articles from some of our favourite travel writers, Wandering Earl, Gypsy Journals, and Smilkos Lens, to keep the travel inspiration going. Read on and click away below!

Smilkos Lens (TC Ambassadors Ryan and Katy)

Ryan and Katy are the TC Ambassadors who make up Smilkos Lens. We launched our Ambassador Program in early 2020 and these two have been a vital part of its growth: constantly giving feedback, brainstorming new ideas, and building connections with other like-minded travellers in the group.

We asked them to introduce themselves to the Collective, so without further ado: Ryan and Katy!

“Hi! We are Ryan & Katy, and we are Smilkos Lens (@smilkos.lens). Smilkos Lens started with us meeting in August of 2015; a proud Match.com success story. While one might think it was our love of travel that we bonded over — Katy was not born with the travel bug. She always thought travel was for the rich, so she never bothered to think about it. It was Ryan’s passion for travel that opened her eyes and made her realize there is an entire world out there we need to see.

And here we are today. Ryan’s love for taking photos extends far before Katy met him. All he wants is to share the beautiful places in the world in hopes it will get people to experience them for themselves.

While we aren’t full-time travelers (yet!), we make every attempt to travel whenever humanly possible and as often as our paid time off will allow. And we want to show people YOU CAN travel often, even with a full-time job. We are setting goals for ourselves to eventually travel full-time. But, in the meantime, we’ll continue to travel whenever and wherever we can!

Our hopes in sharing our site and story are to open people’s minds to living healthier and happier lives, to inspire travel, and to provide tips we learn along the way to get you where you want to go — one place at a time. Like our “Over 20 free things to do on the East Coast” blog post!

Hopefully learning about Smilkos Lens has given you some hope and inspiration, even in a small way. If it has, let us know!”

Wandering Earl

We’re big fans of Wandering Earl: he’s been travelling around the world for the past 20 years and has visited 117 countries! It goes without saying that he has pretty unique travel stories to share – plus, he’s always pumping out his latest tips and trip. His newsletter goes out weekly and will be sure to inspire you to plan your next trip (once we’re able to, of course!). Check him out here.

Gypsy Journals

We were lucky to meet Nadia from Gypsy Journals back in 2018 when TC attended a local artisan market in Vancouver. Since then, we’ve collaborated on Instagram takeovers, photography, and content creation on her local trips around British Columbia and also abroad in Bali! While travel is a huge part of what Nadia cares about, she recently became a mother to a little boy last year and has now started to incorporate family travel as, along with her husband, they wish to show and experience the world with their little one. With 13 flights under 13 months, they are off to a great start. Nadia creates content surrounding travel, motherhood, lifestyle, and growth. Along with being a digital creator, she is a workshop co-host with Seachangers (@weareseachangers) and creative coach + mentor for women: inspiring and supporting women to design the life of their dreams. Check out her website (where she recently shared tips for flying with a baby AND mentions TC!) and give her a follow on Instagram @gypsyjournals to see what she’s up to.


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