TC Travels 1: Veronica in Cuba


Lauren Makin

August 2019 - 5 min. read

In our inaugural TC Travels post, TC's very own Veronica, our Social Media Coordinator and resident ray of sunshine, visits Cuba with her roommate for a week of fun in the sun. Read all about Ron's trip below, including her number one recommendation for any future Cuba-goers out there! 

Before the trip...

1. What made you decide to go to Cuba?

Truthfully, the price! My travel buddy and I were looking at different resorts and Varadero in Cuba came out to be one of the best deals!

2. What is the most essential thing you packed?

SUNSCREEN! Can’t imagine what would have happened to my ginger skin without it, LOL. 

During the trip...

3. What was the number one thing you wanted to do while in Cuba?

Visit Havana and see those iconic 1950s cars. Taking a ride in one of them was a bit more expensive than we thoughtbut I’ve got a photo of one, and that’s practically the same thing, right? ;).

4. What was the weather like while you were there?

GORGEOUS! 37 degrees Celsius and pure sunshine. It only rained once, but it was a tropical showerperfect for dancing in.

5. What were the best things you ate and drank?

Fried chicken and either mojitos or white sangria 😍.

After the trip...

6. What was the most useful tip someone gave you about Cuba?

Bring extra cash. In Varadero the only place we could get money was at the bank (no ATMs anywhere), which was a good 3 kilometers away from the resort. Your resort will be able to exchange your money for Cuban pesos.

However, make sure to exchange your pesos at the airport in Cuba before you fly home. Once you’re back on home soil, that money has no value and you aren’t likely to find any exchange place that will take it.

7. What is your number one recommendation for someone going to Cuba?

Old Havana is nicer than New Havana. It’s cleaner, calmer, and has a more relaxed vibe. Lots of music playing in the streets and some beautiful architecture, so don’t skip out on it! Also: don’t forget to put sunscreen on your feet…

Final thoughts?

Cuba has a rich and intense history. As a communist country, I found it fascinating to learn about what life looks like for the locals. I’d highly recommend taking a tour and asking your guide what it’s like living in Cuba, as the personal insights we obtained (as much as our guides were willing to share) brought a whole new level to the trip. The resort life is super fun, with gorgeous turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and endless piña coladasbut don’t miss out on what’s happening outside the resort grounds; that’s what is most memorable about Cuba.

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