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The Top 8 Destinations for Solo Travel

We reached out to our amazing community here at Traveller Collective to get the inside scoop of some of the best destinations for solo travel.

Here's what a few of them had to say .. 

"I was just in Amsterdam solo this weekend, it was great! The people were so friendly and helpful when I needed it!" -Rebekah K.

"Well, my favorite spot has been Otavalo, Ecuador. The people are great and very friendly. I have taught English as a tutor and in a local school. I was always warmly received. I have actually stayed with some of the locals while I teach their kids, neices and nephews. I also love the local market. Overall, great place!" -Luke S.

"Copenhagen - it just felt safe. Everyone was extremely friendly. Easy to navigate around. It is an amazing city with a lot to offer and it just was very welcoming. I spent 3 weeks backpacking solo in Scandinavia, and Copenhagen was by far the best spot on that trip" -Doug G.

"Sri Lanka- so beautiful, affordable, and has the friendliest locals!" -Hanna G.

"Switzerland. Particularly, Brunnen. It's not cheap but it's beautiful, safe, and close to several amazing destinations. I really enjoyed the view of Lake Lucerne from one of the neighboring mountains." -Hannah H.

"I loved Portugal! Hidden gems in that country! Great food at affordable prices." -Farah B.

"Takes a bit of getting to but is so beautiful you forget the journey. It takes a day relaxing and you slow down to Fiji time" -Katrina L.

"Singapore!!! So safe...probably the safest city I've ever been to. Everyone is friendly, there's lots to do and has a great transport system" -Shari G.


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