Why we love Thailand (and why you should too!)


Published On: 10/10/2017

Friendly and fun loving, exotic and tropical, cultured and historic, Thailand radiates a golden hue from its glittering temples and tropical beaches through to the ever-comforting Thai smile. -Lonely Planet

The Food:

Thai cuisine is a consuming experience that stimulates every taste .. it’s spicy (watch out!), sweet, savoury, sour .. and simply scrumptious!

If you’ve never been to Thailand, then you haven’t really had Thai food. There’s nothing better than touching down in Bangkok, and indulging in a plate of Pad Thai prepared by a local, right in front of you, in the streets of Koh San Road. The price tag isn’t too bad either when dinner costs you less than a bottle of water. Skip the hydration, and wash it down with a lemon shake .. you won’t regret it!

The Beaches:

This is a no-brainer. Thailand is famous for its stunning coastlines, tropical islands and clearer-than-crystal waters.

Don't believe us? Check out Lonely Planet writer, Marika McAdam as she takes you behind the scenes of an incredible snorkelling expedition!

It’s also no secret that the south of Thailand is famous for the Full Moon Party, among other all-nighter beach riots on the islands of Ko Phi Phi and Phuket. However, what we really love about this part of the country is that with a quick ferry ride away from all the mayhem, you’ll find yourself relaxing with a cold Chang in hand, escaping the chaos that was last night, on a secluded beach somewhere.

Island hopping is the best!


The People:

They don’t call it the “Land of Smiles” for no reason - Thais are quite possibly, the warmest and friendliest people on the planet.

It's Affordable:

You’re not going to be out an arm and a leg while travelling in Thailand, which is always something we can get on board with.

Although the south has become increasingly more expensive than the north, you can still find relatively cheap eats, and reasonably priced accommodation. Sometimes you just gotta get off the beaten path!

No matter the budget, you’ll be able to enjoy all that Thailand has to offer!


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