April '19 Update


Lauren Makin

May 2, 2019 - 5 min. read

What’s shakin’, Collective! Another month has come and gone and we’re well into the second quarter of 2019 with (arguably) the best months of the year ahead of us. Who’s excited?!

I probably don’t need to devote yet another paragraph to last month’s March Madness tournament but, for anyone who’s keeping track, I did end up winning our office pool, wrestling last year’s crown from Jess and securing a lunch of my choosing on Friday. Okay, I swear that’s all I’ll say on basketball (until next March, of course…).

Here at TC HQ, I’m happy to report that we’ve found a nice little groove as an 11-person team. Given the internal shakeup I mentioned last month, where the Fulfillment and Office teams function separately, we’ve done a pretty good job figuring out each team’s pre-summer goals and routines. So far, as a whole, our days involve a lot of inventory, a number of exciting marketing initiatives, and a bit of internal shuffling to cover teammates’ vacations.

Providing generous vacation time has been a value of TC’s since day one (we are a travel company, after all), and Darryl always encourages us to take our entire vacation allotment before the year is up. The flip side of this means that it’s a rare day when all 11 of us are in the office together. Just this month, Graham visited Hawaii, Beth explored New York, Veronica went to Cuba, and Matt vacationed in Mexico. Talk about a globe-trotting group!

For more on what we got up to when we weren’t jet-setting in April, keep reading below!

1. Gifting Travel 002 wrapped: In what feels like the blink of an eye, Gifting Travel 002, Sara and Maribel to Spain, is a wrap! Graham and Stew flew to Nicaragua at the end of March to pick up Sara and her mother Maribel for over a week’s worth of adventures in southern Spain and the foursome got to know each other as they visited Madrid, Seville, and Cadiz.

Graham and Stew had a ton of awesome stories to recount when they returned, and one of the funniest stories described their experiences at a play in Madrid called Mi niña, niña mía. The play was in Spanish and the subject matter sounded complex—and dark! Needless to say, neither Graham nor Stew was 100% certain what transpired in the play’s 90 minutes (and actually had fairly different interpretations of what they’d seen) and both required just a bit of translating from Sara when it ended! Overall, the theatre sounded like an awesome experience and combining it with a soccer game, some flamenco dancing, and a ton of tapas didn’t hurt!

Stew is in the process of going through the hours and hours of footage he took on the trip; it’s no small task but we are soo excited to get a more in-depth look at their time in Spain. I, personally, can’t wait to see Sara’s face when she finds the book she’s been searching for and watch Maribel dance while keeping time with her new castanets!

So stay tuned for the GT 002 teaser video coming soon and the longer recap video after that! It’ll be worth the wait!

2. Meet Jas: I’ve mentioned our 11-person team a few times now and you may be wondering: who is this elusive eleventh team member? Well, that person is Jas and she is an amazing addition to the team in the role of Fulfillment Assistant. Jas is from Crewkerne, Somerset, England and has brought her calm, easygoing demeanor to our crew. Fun fact about Jas: a mere two weeks into her time at TC, she broke her arm snowboarding…and handled it like an absolute champ! Not only did she not miss a day of work but she managed to cut leather, write postcards, and build Clips with one hand. Talk about a legend! We’re so happy to have Jas on board/to talk Game of Thrones with every Monday.

3. Granville Island Brewing collaboration: On April 25, we partnered with Granville Island Brewing to celebrate their company rebrand and help them launch some new beers at a party at the Vancouver Fish Company on Granville Island. Part of the new brand’s mandate involves “finding meaning through craft,” which is where Traveller Collective came in! In addition to creating co-branded TC x GIB Clips, which every guest was stoked to receive, Graham and Jess set up a small both to showcase our products and demonstrate the Clip assembly process! They spent the evening mingling with guests, talking shop, and tasting delicious beer. As a company that’s focused solely on ecommerce, this event was a great opportunity to connect with fellow Vancouverites, face-to-face about our products, and talk travel!

Here’s a shot of the co-branded Clip!

 That’s all for April, folks! Sending happy Spring vibes to everyone and feel free to get in touch with me to chat Game of Thrones predictions at lauren@travellercollective.com.

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