August '18 Update


Lauren Makin

September 3/18 - 4 min. read

As the end of summer nears, it’s safe to say that August has been a bit of a blur! I feel like I’m constantly repeating myself on this topic but it really is crazy how fast time passes, particularly as the year goes on. Here at TC HQ we’re really glad we followed through on our hiring goals and added two more people to our team because we’ve rarely had a day in August when at least one team member hasn’t been away. I travelled to Whistler, Jess roadtripped from San Francisco to Big Sur, Stew returned home to Northern Ireland for a family wedding, and Graham is heading off to Italy as the month draws to a close. Even more importantly, though, Darryl was able to enjoy a bit of time at home with his newborn son! August has definitely brought some big changes to Team TC and we are all looking ahead with a bunch of excitement and, as is always the case with a growing business, some butterflies and question marks!

Keep reading below for details about what we’ve been up to and where we’re headed as the weather changes and we prepare for the year’s last quarter and the busy Christmas season!

  1. More new hires: As promised in the June/July update, we’re super excited to confirm that we’ve added two new hires to our team. That’s right, Team TC is now a team of eight! Rebecca hails from Liverpool and had literally just arrived in Vancouver when she joined our team as a Fulfillment Assistant. She comes with glowing recommendations from one of the UK’s leading headwear producers and brings her hands-on approach and fabulously dry humour to our team.

Erin is originally from Saskatchewan and is an incredibly talented singer and songwriterwe know because we’ve been listening to her tunes while we fulfill your orders (check out the band Rah Rah and you’ll see what I mean)! Erin has taken to the role of Fulfillment Assistant like a natural thanks to her passion for teamwork and her many years in logistics and warehousing.

It feels great to round out our team with two more women, both of whom bring unique experience and brand-new lunch spot recommendations to the group. Welcome aboard, Erin and Rebecca!

  1. Gifting Travel 002: Now that Gifting Travel 001 is officially wrapped, we’re working on launching Gifting Travel 002, which we anticipate taking place sometime in 2019. The cool part about 002 is that we’ll be able to take what we learned during 001—everything from the best way to translate WhatsApp messages to tips on applying for visitor visas—and use it for GT 002, all while learning completely new lessons as we plan a new trip for a different person from another country.

 With Stew at the helm, we’re also working on a 10 minute or so video recap of the first trip. Stay tuned for updates on the video as well as on GT 002!

  1. wais update: Those of you who have been following wais, TC’s sister company that asks trustworthy locals in cities around the world for their five favourite spots for food and drinks, will have noticed that we haven’t added new spots to the site throughout much of August. The reason for this is because we are taking time to gather feedback about wais so we can improve the site for users. We’re developing a short survey that wais users can complete based on their experience and are hoping to solicit in-depth feedback from any users who are willing to participate. Does this sound like you?! Then please raise your hand and reach out to lauren@travellercollective.comso we can arrange a chat via email, phone, or Skype!

We always talk about how important feedback is to us and we’re hoping that this purposeful, structured effort to hear what you think shows that we mean business! We chat about wais all the time in our office but can only make it better when we know what it’s missing based on user experience. That’s where you come in!

  1. Necklaces and more necklaces: We’ve noticed a significant spike in the number of necklaces you’ve been ordering in recent months, which is both awesome and surprising given how popular the Brown Clip has always been! The Gunmetal Necklace is certainly our most popular style while the Dainty Silver and Classic Silver usually come in fairly evenly behind it. The Dainty Brass was our least popular necklace by a large margin and so, after switching suppliers to a company that didn’t offer a brass option, we decided to stop selling Dainty Brass altogether. The good news is that, a) our new supplier is keeping our current necklaces well-stocked and we’re really happy with both their quality and appearance and b) we are always looking to expand our necklace line based on customer input so there’s nothing to say that we won’t have a brass, or gold, or rose gold necklace option in the future.

That’s all for August, folks! Thank you for all of your summertime support and wishing you a happy September, whether that means back to school, back to sweaters, or back to planning your next travel adventure :).


  • Posted by Suzy Jylha on

    I would like to see you carry “spacers”. Some type of small beads to fit between each ring, that would fit onto the chain. I have found some at a store, but it would be nice to be able to order them when I add new travel destination. Thanks.

  • Posted by Lauren Makin on

    Love this feedback, Suzy – thanks so much for sharing! I’ll pass your idea on to the team, as we typically decide which products to introduce based on customer input just like this :). Thank you again!

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