December '18-February '19 Update


Lauren Makin

February 28/19 - 5 min. read

Hello, Collective! It has been a minute since I’ve typed these words and, in fact, many months have gone by since I’ve updated you. 2019 is well underway and we are rolling along here at TC HQ in Vancouver. As I write this, a mild January is long gone and a cold and snowy February is wrapping up with some much-welcomed sun! Is it just me or is January insanely long and then February lasts about two days? Anyone else?

Inside TC HQ, our Fulfillment team is still in full swing prepping materials while the rest of the team handmakes orders almost fulltime, which is a very different scene than January 2018! The reason for our focus on fulfillment is the result of an incredibly busy, at-times-stressful-but-mostly-educational holiday season. More details on that, a recap of our last three months, and a few announcements below…so keep reading!

1. Meet Bethany!: And then there were 10! We were thrilled to welcome another former Prince Georgian to our squad when Bethany stepped in to help us with holiday order fulfillment back in December. And, wouldn’t you know it, we loved her so much we couldn’t let her go! Beth has joined the Fulfillment team and jumped right in to handling leather, engraving rings on the laser, and generally being a source of positivity, good humour, and recipes (usually involving some form of fried chicken). We’re so glad to have you, Beth!

2. NEW Rings live!: As many of you may have seen by now, we launched a number of new Rings on our website…and we think you’re as excited about them as we are. That’s likely because some of these Rings only exist because you kept asking for them! Rings are perhaps TC’s best example of customer-driven products and a number of our Rings (3-Letter, US State, and now full name Country Rings) were launched due to demand created by YOU. And I think I speak for Team TC when I say we wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s really rewarding to be able to deliver products that we know people want and that encourage you to collect Rings, engage with the Collective, and TRAVEL! That’s what it’s all about, after all.

To recap, new to the collection are full name Country Rings (with or without dates), full name US State and Canada Province Rings (with or without dates), and Custom Rings that can include up to 13 characters. Check out the full lineup here and remember: we’re listening! Want a Ring that you don’t see online? Make it a Custom (up to 13 characters!) OR message us to share your Ring ideas!

3. GT 002 in the works: 2018 marked our first-ever Gifting Travel trip and, thanks to your support, Darryl and Jess were fortunate enough to accompany Fatima and her son Ayatollah on the trip of a lifetime from their home in Morocco to Istanbul, Turkey.

This March, we’re super excited to be departing for GT 002, which will send Sara from Nicaragua and her mother Maria on their own once-in-a-lifetime trip to Spain. Darryl is working on ironing out the many details that come with organizing a GT trip and is beyond excited to visit Spain with Sara and Maria. This time around, Stew will be travelling with Darryl and filming the whole experience…so follow along! There are sure to be some memorable moments as Sara and Maria leave Nicaragua and visit a country they’ve always dreamed of seeing.

4. Holiday recap: The holiday season around these parts was…wild. That’s the only way to describe it. We were so inspired by the number of people who wanted to share TC with friends and family for Christmas and your support was nothing short of incredible. Personally, 2018 was my second holiday season at TC and it was beyond exciting to see the way that it’s grown and transformed in the space of a year (including the addition of 6 team members!).

That said…the season was not without its challenges. In fact, other than “wild”, I think “challenge” is the best way to sum up holiday season 2018! As a team, we prepped for the rush by looking at past holiday seasons, which, as a young company, is often the best data to rely on. As in other years, we hired seasonal help and anticipated that our internal growth would be able to keep up with the demand we anticipated…but quite simply, we were not sufficiently prepared and unable to keep up with order volumes and it showed in the delays experienced by some of our holiday customers.

Lucky for us, we’re not a team to shy away from challenges. On the contrary, we’re excited about the lessons that last season afforded us and we’re determined to crush the upcoming holiday season for you, our Collective (and, at the rate time is going, the holidays will be here very soon!). We’ve recapped 2018 as a group and have set new goals for 2019, including and especially the busy days between Black Friday and New Year’s Eve.

So, we want to thank you a million times over for your patience and for your support. All of the words of encouragement, the kind emails, and the excited product reviews do not go unnoticed and, quite the opposite, are discussed at length as reasons why the Collective, spread across 100 countries, is so very special.

From all ten of us here in Vancouver, we hope your 2019s are off to fabulous starts and look forward to keeping you up to speed as the year rumbles on. Happiest of travels!

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