Gifting Travel Update #2


Lauren Makin

May 29/18 - 2 min. read

Passports are in, plane tickets have been purchased, and accommodations are booked! We are thrilled to announce that Fatima, her son Ayat, and Darryl and Jess from Team TC are counting down the days until they depart on the inaugural Gifting Travel trip.

However, due to the complexities associated with obtaining a tourist visa for Spain (which we discussed in more detail in the last Gifting Travel update), there has been a change of plans and the group is now travelling to a different country: Turkey! Moroccan passport holders don’t require tourist visas for Turkey so, while Jess and Darryl will need to complete paperwork to obtain visas for Turkey with their Canadian passports, Fatima and Ayat will not. This means significantly less work for them to undertake in Morocco and ensures peace of mind for all involved.

Fatima is, of course, a little disappointed that she won’t be visiting Barcelona this year and we’re disappointed too. But in Fatima’s words, it is more the experience of leaving Morocco and exploring somewhere completely new that she’s most excited about! Turkey is somewhere she has always dreamed of going and the trip will be full of new and exciting things for her and her son. From the first time seeing the ocean and taking a plane to experiencing a new culture and language.

We’ll be sending out another update as the group’s departure date, June 16, approaches. Stay tuned, and thank you so much for your ongoing support of this project!


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