June '19 Update


Lauren Makin

July 16, 2019 - 4 min. read

Happy July, Collective! And, for our North American friends, happy (belated) Canada Day and Independence Day! July is off to a great start here at TC and we’re looking ahead to an exciting rest of the summer, although it’s hard to believe June has already come and gone. 

Speaking of June, we enjoyed the summer’s first mini heatwave here in Van-city and celebrated the start of the warm months by getting out and about to complete some fun initiatives starring members of our team and travellers visiting Vancouver. Read all about our activities below and get in touch if you have suggestions for future initiatives or, as always, if you just want to say hi!

1. Local love, TC style!: Our Office team hit the town this month to get to know some fellow travel-lovers. First, Jess and Veronica headed to busy Gastown to launch “Ask A Local Anything." The duo chatted to travellers walking around Gastown and fielded questions about the city, mostly involving finding a good place to eat (almost too easy when there are this many amazing restaurants!) and getting directions to areas like Stanley Park.

Next, Veronica and Graham drove out to the airport and posted up in International Arrivals to welcome newcomers to the city. Graham and Ron answered a bunch of questions from excited tourists, including “What’s the best way to get downtown?” and, wait for it, “Is pot legal here?” After chatting up some new arrivals, they got talking to Ollie, a solo traveller who’d just landed from Australia. Ollie was STOKED to hop into a taxi with Ron and Graham and head to his hostel downtown courtesy of TC. Thanks for being such a great sport, Olliewe hope you're having an amazing trip!

 New besties - Ollie and Ron at YVR!

Finally, as part of an initiative Ron’s launching on Instagram TV (IGTV) called “TC Summer Series,” five members of Team TC headed out to North Vancouver before work to complete a wee hike in Deep Cove called Quarry Rock. Now, admittedly, I’m not a huge “hike guy”…but Quarry Rock is one of my absolute faves, which is why I suggested it as the inaugural summer series activity! The trail itself is gorgeous and includes a number of wooden footbridges among the massive trees. For a relatively easy uphill, the payoff is immense as the top of the rock yields views of all of Deep Cove and across the cove to Burnaby and Vancouver. As of quite recently, though, the city has been limiting access to the hike to only a certain number of hikers per day—so going early is the only way to ensure you’ll be granted access to the trail, not to mention a much-coveted parking spot.  

An added bonus of this hike is that, once you come back down, the village of Deep Cove is adorable….and we couldn’t resist treating ourselves to some famous Honey’s Doughnuts as payoff for our “hard” work!

We’ll be showcasing our summer initiatives and more on IGTV so check it out here and stay tuned for more adventures! Who says work and play can’t be one and the same?!

2. Meet Victoria and Jackie-Deane: At it again—we’re thrilled to introduce two new members of Team TC, this time in the role of part-time Fulfillment Assistants.

Victoria hails from Toronto and has joined our team while remaining focused on her work as an artist! Vic loves getting her hands dirty and is already well-versed in all things fulfillment. She’s also a big fan of Cleo and has her own pup, Champ the chihuahua!

Jackie-Deane was born and raised in Vancouver, which, to quote her, makes her about as rare as a unicorn! JD (obviously we’ve moved to a nickname already) loves working with people and spends the rest of her time completing customer service for another local company. We’re already loving JD’s energy in the fulfillment area and are so lucky to have both women join our team!

3. Community Cleanup: TC changed things up for June’s social event and decided to give a little back to the community we love so much. In conjunction with the amazing initiative that is the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and in partnership with the City of Vancouver, we signed up to host a Community Cleanup Party and did exactly that: cleaned up and partied…with pickers, reflective vests, and garbage bags in tow!

Eight members of Team TC gathered on a busy section of Main Street and collected garbage for a few hours in the afternoon, managing eight bags of garbage and a few bags of recycling. Our biggest takeaways from the cleanup? The volume of coffee cups and plastic straws was mind blowing. There were also so many cigarette butts… someone could spend all day just collecting those from a single park.

It was a very worthwhile afternoon and I know we got a lot out of it! It definitely won’t be the last community-minded social we participate in.

Have a great rest of your July, Collective! Happy summer to everyone in our hemisphere—hope you’re making the most of it!

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