June & July '18 Update


Lauren Makin

August 1/18 - 4 min. read

And just like that, it’s August! You’ll notice we’ve been awfully quiet from TC HQ in recent months, but we swear it’s for good reasons, many of which are described below. Summer is officially in full swing around these parts: we’ve BBQed for Friday lunch, we’ve acquired two new office fans, and some of us have even foregone socks and shoes given the recent heatwave. 

We also spent our first Friday evening as a team of six (plus a few special guests) outside the office enjoying a favourite summer pastime: watching the Vancouver Canadians baseball team beat the Eugene Emeralds 5-1 at Nat Bailey Stadium. It was really awesome to spend time together away from our computers and hammers, and these kinds of socials will be an increasingly important part of TC’s culture as our team grows (more on that below!).

For now, we’re spending most of our time making your orders and the rest of the time doing fun stuff like wrapping up Gifting Travel 001, launching new merch, and tweaking the website. Keep reading for details and, as always, please get in touch to say hey whenever the urge strikes :). 

  1. Gifting Travel 001 WRAPPED!: If you were following along on Instagram, you’ll know that Jess and Darryl spent 10 amazing days overseas for Gifting Travel 001. They flew to Morocco to pick up Fatima and Ayatollah and then soaked up everything that Istanbul, Turkey, had to offer. Highlights included visiting the Blue Mosque and the Istanbul Aquarium, taking Fatima and Ayat on a boat for the first time, and watching Fatima revel in moments like getting her first receipt and eating her first McDonald’s cheeseburger.

To commemorate Gifting Travel 001, and in preparation for Gifting Travel 002, we’ve put together a short film that features highlights from the trip. We’re working on a longer piece that will include interviews with Darryl and Fatima and more footage of their time together but, for now, check out the GT video and feel free to share widely within your network!

  1. New hire(s) continued: We really lucked out when we welcomed Stewart onto the team as our second Production and Fulfillment Coordinator back in June. Stew hails from Belfast, Ireland, and is an incredibly talented actor and director (he worked on Game of Thrones, sooo…). Stew’s knowledge of film, television, theatre, and music is unparalleled, and he’s a welcome addition to my discussions with TC team member Matt about celebrity news and the newest Netflix must-watch. Speaking of watching videos, Stew’s filmmaking abilities are showcased in the Gifting Travel short film so go WATCH IT NOW if you haven’t already!

We are currently in the process of hiring TWO Fulfillment Assistants to help Stew and Matt cut the leather and engrave the rings that are integral to your handmade orders. Fingers crossed that by August’s update, we’ll be a team of eight (plus Cleo, of course!).

  1. White Tee launch: Just in time for summer, we introduced our Classic White Pocket Tee last week. We worked with our designer pal Nick to decide on colours and style and are really happy with how this beauty turned out! It’s versatile, comfortable, and classicview it here and stay tuned for more merch dropping soon.
  1. Fulfillment (and more fulfillment): Fulfillment is our term for our process of completing your orders and getting them out the door to you, our wonderful Collective! It’s been a fulfillment-heavy summer for us and the amount of time we’re spending over in the “workshop” area of our space definitely proves it. That’s why we’re working to build out our team, improve our efficiencies, track metrics and set goals, and strengthen all of our abilities (from box folding to ring engraving) to ensure that your order is built to our standards and on its way to you within 8 business days. We’re all learning what fulfillment looks like as a team of six, soon to be eight, and it’s always exciting and always a work in progress :).

So, with that said, thank you so much for your patience this summer and for communicating with us as often as you do. Whether it’s to tell us what you want on your Custom 3-Letter Ring, to pass on suggestions for products you’d love to see, or to share the story behind your order, we LOVE hearing from you. Happy August, everyone :)!


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