May '18 Update


Lauren Makin

June 3/18 - 4 min. read

Happy June, everyone! May was an exciting, productive month here at TC HQ in Vancouver. May was also the first month this year that we experienced a few brief, albeit noticeable, absences on our team as we all embark on a bit of pre-summer travel. Darryl played tourist in New York City for the first time, I spent a few days in the sun in Arizona, Jess checked out a surf competition in Tofino, and Graham is currently in Barcelona en route to Mallorca for some seaside adventures. We know that we are so, so lucky to be able to take off and see these amazingly diverse, special places in the world. I’ll also be so bold as to speak for all of us when I say how rewarding it is to return from a trip feeling invigorated, inspired, and wanting to come back to work, catch up with your colleagues, and find out what’s happening at TC and with you, our Collective.

Okay, enough sappy stuff! Keep reading to find out what happened here this month and where we’re headed going into the first official month of summer :)!

  1. Gifting Travel update: ALL SYSTEMS GO, people! That’s rightin case you missed the email with the latest Gifting Travel update, flights and accommodations are booked and Fatima, Ayat, and Team TC’s Darryl and Jess are headed out on June 16 (less than two weeks from now!). There’s been a slight change of plans, though, and due to complexities associated with Fatima and Ayat obtaining tourist visas for Spain, the group is now off to beautiful Turkey! All four are extremely excited, and all are visiting the country for the first time. 

There is a ton to be done in terms of finalizing the group’s itinerary for Istanbul and ensuring everyone has the necessary luggage and supplies for the trip, but we’ll be sharing the entire adventure with you via our social media and in email blasts. Keep your eyes peeled!

  1. New hire(s): We are THRILLED to announce that we’ve added a fifth member to our team! We warmly welcome Matt to the group as the first of two Production and Fulfillment Coordinators. Matt brings a boatload of experience in logistics and project management to the group thanks to his long history in retail. He can quote “Friends” with the best of them and isn’t afraid of a post-work patio beverage. Needless to say, we are so excited to have him on the team to help make our fulfillment process faster and more efficient!

We’re also looking for a sixth hire, a second Production and Fulfillment Coordinator, to add to the group. This person must be based in Vancouver, so give us a shout if this sounds like you or someone you know!

  1. Fall For Local recap: We had a blast at our first-ever Fall For Local Market at the end of April, slangin’ clips + rings and interacting with locals and likeminded business owners. There were SO many awesome vendors at the Market; a few of our favourites were City and She, Konisa Studio, and NutMeg Mylk. It was a really impressive event with a great turnout on both Saturday and Sunday.

One of our most interesting takeaways from the event—and both Darryl/Graham and Jess/I noted this on our respective days at the TC booth—was the realization that our products require some explanation in a face-to-face environment. That is to say, it isn’t entirely evident in personto people unfamiliar with our product, despite our sign proclaiming “All Your Travels. One Place”, what exactly the clips and rings signify. Of course, to us, that’s part of the appeal: the clip and ring combo is a subtle, personal reminder of your travels without being too flashy or in your face. However, in a market setting, the product requires a degree of clarification that it just doesn’t online or on social media, which are our primary means of sharing the product. Having to speak to the rings’ purpose was a first for most of us and it was a lot of fun seeing the looks of comprehension and excitement dawn on peoples’ faces when they realized what we were displaying!

Overall, the experience was worthwhile on so many levels (not to mention the fact that Jess and I won a market-related contest against Graham and Darryl…there’s always a contest). It also served as a testament to the power of community building and of good ol’ word of mouth advertising, which we have so many of you to thank for.

So thank you for everything you do for TC and for being so invested in contributing to our causes. Please follow along with Gifting Travel throughout June and send good wishes to the four travellers! May their flights be on time and their adventures be many! And happy pre-summer travels to all of you :).


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