May '19 Update


Lauren Makin

June 7, 2019 - 3 min. read

It doesn’t exactly feel like June in Vancouver today, Collective, but here we are. I’m still wearing a flannel shirt (admittedly, not an uncommon occurrence) and raindrops are threatening to fall…but, nonetheless, May is behind us and it’s officially summer in a few weeks!

May felt like a very speedy month here at TC and it’s safe to say our team was busy both inside and outside of the office. It’s the start of wedding season, softball season, and beach volleyball season and, although hiking season never really ends on the west coast, my teammates seemed especially interested in climbing mountains last month!

For a short recap on what May looked like for us at TC HQ, keep readin’ below…

1. Call to Action to Collective for Gifting Travel nominations: After wrapping GT 002 with Sara and Maribel in April, we’re very excited to use our past Gifting Travel experiences to plan GT 003. As part of envisioning the future of Gifting Travel, we were thrilled to be able to extend an important question to our Collective at the end of May: will you help us find someone for GT 003? This Call to Action was sent out via email and on our social platforms as we seek nominations for GT candidates from our Collective.

Our hope is that by extending the search for people who would love to travel but will likely never have the opportunity to Collective members all over the world, we’ll be able to help more people travel and encounter people we otherwise wouldn’t know! Many of you have submitted nominations already and we’re so grateful for how willing you’ve been to share stories about the people in your lives who would love to travel but need a bit of help making it happen.

Questions about nominating someone for Gifting Travel, including information about the requirements for who is eligible and where to send your nomination? Find everything you need to know here!

It’s worth noting that extending this Call to Action to the Collective meant rejigging the GT section of the website to help clarify who we’re looking for (check out the bios we wrote about Fatima and Sara). It also meant having an important conversation about what Gifting Travel is, what we want it to be, and, ultimately, why this initiative means so much to us. These were productive and fun conversations to have as we talked about the future of Gifting Travel and the Collective’s role in shaping this sending a massive “thank you” from TC to all of you for your help thus far!

2. New “Us” page live on website: In addition to some fun changes to the way our website looks, we also decided to add a section where you can learn more about Team TC! Our Social Media Coordinator Veronica snapped some photos of us outside our office, we answered a couple of questions and, presto – our Us section was complete!

We hope that this section gives you more insight into who we are and what we’re passionate about and allows you to put faces to the names of the folks building your orders and reading your emails every day.   

So take a read and hopefully have a few laughs (we’re quite sure your first email addresses were weird, too!).

I’m keeping it short and sweet this month, Collective. Thanks for reading and see you soon!


  • Posted by Brenda Wing on

    A big thank you to travellers collective for the beautiful necklace my daughter won for me in your Mothers Day contest…I wear it proudly everywhere and have recieved many compliments on it…I explain what it is all about and have given your website to the people that ask….every time I wear it I think of the wonderful memories from our travels together…
    Brenda Wing

  • Posted by Lauren Makin on

    Brenda! We’re so glad you love your necklace! And thanks so much for spreading the word about TC – it means a lot to us. Hopefully you (and your daughter) have some fun travels coming up :)!

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