November '18 Update


Lauren Makin

December 6/18 - 3 min. read

I’m writing this month’s update from an office that feels very much like Santa’s workshop! The Christmas movies have been playing and the advent calendars have been opened – it’s December, everyone!

So, in the spirit of the holidays, I’ve decided to tweak a portion of a classic Christmas poem to share the joy of order fulfillment with our Collective. Read on, Dasher, on Prancer, to find out a bit about what we’re doing yesterday, today, and every day until Christmas…

‘Twas the month that has Christmas, and all through TC,

We’re building your orders, and smiling with glee;

The leather’s been cut and the Rings have been stamped,

Postcards have been written ‘til our hands have cramped;

It’s Darryl and Graham and sweet Jessica, too,

Don’t forget Veronica…wait, is she new?;

Plus Matt, Lauren, Erin, and Rebecca in tow,

And then there is Stewart, and our dear dog Cleo;

We’re building your Clips and we’re mailing your Tees,

In hopes you’ll find TC under your Christmas trees;

It means so much to us that you’ve decided to share,

The things we create for you to carry and wear;

So as the year closes we’re sending you cheer,

And shipping your packages with love from right here;

May your holiday season be a warm cozy dream,

Happy December to all from the whole TC team! 

  1. NEW Toques: We launched our first-ever toques a few weeks back and are stoked to see them heading out the door already. This season’s toques come in Light Grey and Charcoal; they’re extremely soft and cozy and very un-itchy, which is a huge bonus! You’re able to wear the toques with or without a cuff because the small white TC tag is reversible. More info and photos of the toques can be found here and please let us know if you have any questions about them!
  1. Meet Veronica!: November was a super exciting month for us because we welcomed aboard our 9thteam member. We are THRILLED to introduce The Collective to Veronica, who has jumped in with both feet as TC’s Social Media Coordinator. Veronica hails from Calgary, Alberta, and is a seasoned travel veteran despite being the youngest member of the squad (by, um, just a few years!). We immediately fell in love with “Ron’s” energy and enthusiasm and she’s already keeping us entertained during order fulfillment (she’s got some pretty unique dance moves!). We look forward to V keeping us up to speed on what the kids are doin’ these days! Welcome to Team TC, Veronica :).

  2. TC Open House recap: We’ve been talking about hosting a small friends and family night here at TC HQ for some time and finally decided that we’d waited long enough! On November 22, Team TC invited about 35 of our nearest and dearest local pals to mix and mingle, eat pizza, and drink a few beers at our office. We also premiered the full-length Gifting Travel 001 video to this group (which you can watch here on our YouTube channel!). It was an awesome night and a real pleasure to share our space, and our story, with this small but extremely receptive group. We always appreciate the chance to talk about Gifting Travel and the evening allowed us to spread awareness about this important project to some of the people in our lives.

As you’d expect, Stew was on-hand at the Open House to film the night’s events. Check out Open House recap vid here!

Now seems like a great time to remind you that we love visitors so, if you’re ever in the area, please stop by for a chat and to check out our space! Maybe we’ll be watching Elf or an episode of Friends or, if you wait a few months, we might just have the BBQ fired up!

That’s all for November – back to the workshop I go! Happy holidays, Collective! See you in 2019!

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