October '18 Update


Lauren Makin

November 5/18 - 3 min. read

Welcome to November, all! We’re comfortable here in the year’s penultimate month and continuing to gear up for the holiday season, TC style (meaning inventory prep and plenty of tea). Daylight Savings Time ended in BC on November 4, which means that while we did get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday, it’s getting darker and darker when we leave the office every day.

No tears here, though, as October was an unseasonably beautiful, unrainy month for us Vancouverites. Team TC is determined to soak up the last of the sun while we can (and some of us are better at this than others). Rebecca went on an epic hike to Garibaldi Lake that ended in plenty of snow and Jess continues to play outdoor soccer with no prospect of weather delays. However, Graham has moved from beach volleyball to hockey, a sure sign that #winteriscoming…

October was another productive, thought-provoking month here at TC HQ. A lot of our discussions these days center around inventory and products: do we have enough stock to fulfill holiday orders? How many boxes should we fold from week to week? What new products are Collective members absolutely desperate for?! The exciting news is that, with an increasingly well-rounded fulfillment team, we’re able to answer these kinds of questions with more and more accuracy and to plan effectively for the upcoming days, weeks, and months. We’re also able to devote time to product development so now (and always) is a great time for your feedback. On that note, keep reading below for some exciting hints about the items you can expect to see online this year!

  1. NEW Decals in stock: That’s right, we now have new decals live on our website! Darryl designed the decals with a fresh look and we’re stoked to see these versatile waterproof pieces back online. Even better: they come in a 3-pack for $5.00 USD.

Check ‘em out! And, while you’re on the Accessories page, we also have handy tote bags, too!

  1. New products on order: Speaking of that new new, there are a couple of products coming down the pipe that we’re extra excited about. The reason? A few of these products have been on our Collective’s minds (and in your comments on our social) for a while, meaning that we’re taking your ideas and making them HAPPEN. We love seeing your product suggestions come to life in our store; that’s how our Necklaces, State Rings, and Dated Country Rings came to be, after all! While these upcoming products aren’t actually in-house yet, they are on order…and let’s just say that your Clips and Necklaces are going to look prettyyyy flashy. Okay, I’ve already said too much…
  1. TC x Wholesale: Did you know that TC also fulfills wholesale orders? Businesses occasionally reach out to us about ordering bulk Clips, Necklaces, and Rings for their employees, customers, or partners…and, needless to say, we’re thrilled to oblige! In October we had the privilege of creating two co-branded Clips for different companies who wanted to give members of their communities leather Clips stamped with their logo in addition to ours. It’s such a privilege to get to work with likeminded brands who aspire to shop Canadian and who love giving back!

Looking to purchase TC products in bulk for your business or interested in a different wholesale opportunity or collaboration with TC? Reach out to our very own Graham “Handsome Graham” Stan at graham@travellercollective.com for more information. And thank you for thinking of us!

That’s it for October, Collective! Signing off now as your secretive-but-always-happy-to-help-TC team member :). Cheers to YOU!

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