Starter Pack

You're well travelled and we want to make it easier for you to start your Collection. With the Starter Pack, you can choose a Clip or Necklace and add ALL the Country Rings for the places you have visited for one low price. The more you've travelled, the more you'll save! For example, been to 20 countries? SAVE 55%

Please be respectful of our small business and only order the countries you have visited :) 

*If you've been to less than 8 countries, it makes more sense for you to buy your Country Rings separately!

  • $99.00 USD
  • $217.50 USD

Step 1

Choose how you want to carry your Travel Ring Collection:

Brown Clip
Black Clip
Tan Clip
Classic Silver Necklace
Slate Necklace
Dainty Silver Necklace

Step 2

Select the Countries you have visited: