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  • Country Rings

Country Rings

  • $9.75 USD
Collect a unique Ring for every country you’ve visited and add them to your Clip or Necklace. Each stainless steel Ring is engraved with the country's full name and is handmade by Team TC in Vancouver, Canada.

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Lost in shipping

Lost in shipping

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I still do t have it yet

Love my rings! So cool.

Love my rings! So cool. Friends are jealous!

A unique and fun gift to give and receive

I found Traveller Collective a couple of years ago and purchased the state, country and continent disks as they became available and/or when I ventured to new places. I liked my keychain so much that I purchased them for family members who told me that they think it is a thoughtful, unique and fun gift. I enjoy giving them and they liked getting them...now we can all add to our collections as our adventures grow! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product!

On a customer service note, every encounter I have had with the staff at Traveller Collective has been awesome! I needed to change an order and was able to get the changes made before it shipped (fortunately I was told about the travel plans BEFORE it shipped, but they still got it done before shipping it out). Another time my shipment was left "on the porch" by the post office and had vanished into the mist by the time I got home and a replacement order was sent to me.

I will definitely be adding to my keychain and I know my family members will as well.

Perfect gift for Traveler

I purchased this for my sister who is a world traveler. It was the perfect gift and she absolutely loved it!! I couldn’t be more pleased. Might just have to get me one now!