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GT Nominations

As members of our Collective know, every product you purchase at Traveller Collective helps make someone’s travel dream come true. Through our Gifting Travel initiative, we ask an individual who has never had the opportunity to travel, “Where in the world have you always dreamed of going?” and commit 20% of profits to making that dream a reality.

We know for a fact that our Collective is made up of amazing travelers. Time and time again, you’ve offered to help us with Gifting Travel. And now we do need your help. We are looking for your recommendations for candidates for upcoming GT trips. We were thrilled to be able to provide travel opportunities to Fatima from Morocco (GT 001) and Sara from Nicaragua (GT 002) and we’re excited to see the people YOU nominate for future GT trips.

Please submit your referral in an email to by thoroughly answering the following three (3) questions:

  1. Who do you know who has always dreamed of travelling but has never had the opportunity?
  2. Why does this person want to travel?
  3. What factors have prevented this person from travelling?

As a team of travel lovers, we recognize how important travel is: it encourages new perspectives and allows us to make connections that last longer than any one trip. That’s why giving the gift of travel to someone who has never had the opportunity to travel is so important to us.

We hope you’re inspired to think about people you know who would make great Gifting Travel participants…we can’t wait to hear who they are and why they want to travel!

It’s your turn to help us make someone’s travel dream come true by nominating a person you know for Gifting Travel. As always, hit us up if you have any questions.