My wife and I were in Chefchaouen, Morocco for our honeymoon back in November where I met a local woman named Fatima. She’s a friendly, kind-hearted, outgoing person that I really enjoyed getting to know. She told me all about her life in Chefchaouen and what it’s like working at the casa. One of her favourite parts of the job is getting to meet people from all over the world. She loves asking them about where they come from and what it’s like to live there. She has such a thirst for learning about different places and cultures. But Fatima's only been two places in her life: Chefchaouen, where she currently works, and the village where she grew up 80kms away. That’s the biggest trip she’s ever done.

From my time with Fatima, it was abundantly clear that she has dreams of seeing the world and experiencing places that she only hears about. But, like a lot of people out there, she openly admits her travel dreams will never be a reality in her lifetime. With the amount of money she makes every month, the idea of saving enough to travel is impossible to comprehend. She also spoke to the fact that her 5-year-old son Ayat, who, in her eyes, is the most outgoing and adventurous boy in the world, will in all likelihood never be able to experience anything outside of his home village either. And Fatima didn’t tell me these things as some sad sob story; just that it was their reality. 

So after hearing stories like Fatima's for years, we've decided to do what we can to help make someone's travel dream a reality. A way for the collective to give the gift of travel. I couldn't think of two people who were better suited for the inaugural trip than Fatima and Ayat. 

Darryl M - Founder of TC