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How to Use Google My Maps

  1. Go to Google My Maps (if you don't have a Google/Gmail account, you'll have to set one up).

  2. Click 'Create a New Map' once you're logged in. 

  3. A new map will show up and now you can start adding all the places you love. Simply search them in the top bar.

  4. Click the place you want to add and hit "+ Add to map" to drop a pin.

  5. If you're up for it, add a description of why you love that place and what not to miss when you're there. 

  6. You can edit each pin to add colours, icons etc. Also you can change the name of the Layers to things like Restaurants, Bars, Hikes... 

  7. Once you're done creating your map, click '+ Share'  

  8. Add a Title and Description for your Map. 

  9. Go ahead and change the Access Settings.

  10. Change the setting to 'On - Anyone with the link'. 

  11. Finally copy the link and submit it to us on the previous page!