Team TC....Graham, Darryl and Jess

I love to travel. I’ve had the privilege to travel, study and work all over the world. There’s something about that feeling of being on the road, truly living in the moment, that I simply crave. We all know once you get that travel bug, it’s got you for life.

It’s interesting though, the deeper I got into travel and the more places that I visited, my outlook began to shift. The extreme poverty that I continued to see was getting harder to swallow. It’s impossible to continue to see that disparity first-hand and not have something inside of you fundamentally change. 

It’s hard to comprehend that so many of us enjoy the privilege to explore every corner of this beautiful world when so many others don’t even have the basic necessities of life.

I started Traveller Collective with a simple goal. Create something for people who love to travel and want to do something about these massive inequalities. Something that inspires us to continue to explore this beautiful world while helping provide the basic necessities of life to those that need it most.

- TC Founder Darryl M.