About 6 weeks ago we sent an email to the TC Community asking if anyone was travelling to Vancouver soon (where we're located) and were looking for some recommendations for the best things to do, restaurants, cafes, shops, name it. 
The response to that email was amazing, and a little overwhelming to be honest :)
What we ended up doing was creating a Google My Map for Vancouver, which you can find here, with all our favourite spots in the city. Didn't take too long create and we were able to help so many travellers have an amazing experience in Vancouver!
It got us thinking though, Traveller Collective has grown to such a big world-wide community, why don't we rely on each other to create Google My Maps for the places we know best and share them amongst each other? What an amazing resource it would be to have a collection of maps full of insider info and recommendations about the places we're planning on travelling! 
With that said, we're going to get the ball rolling. We're currently reaching out to everyone we know in our own personal networks to start the collection.
If you're interested in creating a map yourself and having early access to the collection we've started, let us know below!

Happy Travels, 

Darryl M.