Meet the Map's Contributors

Graham Stan

Wouldn't want to live in any other city than Vancouver! I've got to know all the good bars, breweries and cafes along with the best beaches in the city. A lot of my partner's favourite date-night spots are on here as well. Discover more about me on my website below.

Jessica Wingert

Born and raised in Vancouver so I know the city super well. You'll find me at all the best cafes and healthy restaurants in Vancouver. I also love the outdoors so a lot of my favourite beaches and hikes are on the map as well. Check out my IG for a lot of my pics from around the city.  

Darryl McIvor

As much as I love to travel, I love coming back to Vancouver. The city has so much to offer from amazing bars and restaurants to hikes and beaches. Provided a lot of info on the breweries I like, more laid-back restaurants and my favourites hikes. You're gonna love this place!

Local Vancouver Charity

Since 1978, the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre has provided a safe space for women and children in the Downtown Eastside. They provide practical support, basic necessities and hot nutritious meals to over 500 women and children every day. The support women to make positive changes in their lives by connecting them to a continuum of services including outreach, advocacy, wellness, recreation, housing and skills development. LEARN MORE