Welcome to our newest project wais...super excited to have you on-board!  Basically wais is a dead simple way for a handful of influencers like yourself to share their favourite places, grow their audience and help people travel better. 

How it all works...

  1. Share with us the name of the one city in the world that you know best.
  2. Send us the names of the top 5 places in that city that you simply love. Could be a mix of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops...anything. You've tried a ton in that city and these are the five places you always go and just can't get enough of.
  3. We'll create a small profile, unique map and links to your social so we'll be able to share. Have a look at our page for Vancouver to get a better idea of how it comes together.    

 We've got a ton of great people getting involved with this and it's truly going to be an amazing way for you to grow your own community while helping all of us to find the best of the best in cities around the world.