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Learn More About What We Do At Traveller Collective


1. Choose Your Rings

Collect Rings, each engraved with a different country's abbreviation, to represent all the amazing places you've travelled. 

2. Pick Your Clip

A light-weight, take-anywhere keychain to hold all of your Country Rings. Choose from Brown, Black, Tan or Vegan Brown. 

3. Give Back

Every purchase helps provide sustainable primary education in rural Ethiopia. To date our collective has raised over $35,000!    

There's just something about travel. The different cultures, food, people…everything about it we love. No other time do we feel like we're really living in the moment than when we're on the road.

It can be tough in some places though. The inequality out there is hard to comprehend, and it really hits home when you experience it first hand.

We started Traveller Collective with a simple goal. To create a product travelers would love while doing what we can to address some these issues. 

Something simple that would remind us of the amazing places we’ve travelled, inspire us to experience more and to keep in perspective just how lucky we are to lead the lives that we do. The Clip and Engraved Country Rings represent all that to us.