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What’s the best thing about modern technology? For us, that’s a no-brainer: we love technology’s ability to create community. The TC community—our Collective—is a vocal one and, lucky for us, is always willing to share generously. We absolutely LOVE reading your reviews and stories, so THANK YOU for sharing. Here are just a few of the ones that stand out!

"Looking forward to receiving my order, will be a birthday present for my girlfriend. I'm English, she's Canadian, and we met having locked eyes across the room in a hostel in Kyoto in forward six weeks and after a lot of texting, calls and attempted FaceTime, I was on a plane to meet her in Dubai, where she was working (hence the 'attempted' FaceTime as it's banned there!!). We've had 3 weekends in Dubai as well as a week here in London and she's now moved back to Ottawa, but as luck would have it one of my best friends is getting married in Whistler in August so I'll be flying over to Vancouver with her for a few days as she has family there. No doubt in either of our minds that we've found 'the one' and I wanted something to mark all the places that have played a part in our (slightly ridiculous) story. The engraved rings were perfect; when Traveller Collective came up on my Facebook feed, getting something made by a Canadian company from her favourite city that is all about travel seemed really appropriate for us!!" 

- Matt 

"[My son] recently had a job interview and was asked to take something that said something about him. He took his fob [Clip] and rings and told them about his travels. He got the job!" 

- Linda 

"I LOVE to travel! And I love so many different varieties of it - urban escapes, tropical islands, luxury spas, camping, adventure trips, cruises (I work for a cruise line), music festivals with my boyfriend, with my friends, with my Mom and solo, too! I completely agree that travel is such a great way to better understand our fellow humans and realize that so much of what we want is the same. But until I read about Gifting Travel, I am not sure I ever put travel into that list of basic "wants"! Wow! Love, security, food, shelter, happiness - yes, but as much as I love travel I never thought about it through the eyes of someone who may never get to do it. Eye opening - truly. I am very proud to contribute to your cause and look forward to receiving my rings and clip and adding to them in the future. Will definitely be following your progress!" 

- Phyllis 

"I think your product is awesome. I am actually giving one to my daughter while I do her wedding speech in New York on July 1st. The ring has all the countries we have visited together. The other will have 3 rings, US, Canada and New York, denoting all the countries her and her husband have been. My speech is all about life's journeys and your key rings work perfectly! I'm so excited to receive them. Keep doing great things." 

- Angie 

"I purchased the travel rings for my Mom for Mothers' Day, and Customer Service went out of their way to ship fast to get to NC on time! Mom loved the 50 rings, and said I always come up with the best gifts. High praise for me and this fabulous company!" 

- Sharon 

"Thank you so much for all that you do! I absolutely love your mission and was so excited when I came across your company. I am an avid traveller, but even more so have a love for Ethiopia. I am the oldest of eight children, four of which were adopted from Ethiopia in the Tigray region. When I browsed your website, it immediately struck me - my worlds colliding. You have such a unique product and provide an awesome way to give back. It is so refreshing to see someone striving for and embracing Ethiopia the way our family does. Cannot wait to get my necklace and add to it in the future! Best of luck in all of your endeavors. If I can ever be of any help, I'd love to be involved!" 

- Aubrey 

"Just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks. I can't post a public review yet because the keyring i bought is for my boyfriend and I know he'll see it if I do, but I still just wanted you to know how lovely your product is. I don't know how you can manage to make something so light feel so substantial but it really is the perfect travel gift. We're leaving in January to visit SE Asia and NZ and a tiny bit of the US and so will be back again to buy more rings!"

- Chloe

"My cousin and her boyfriend have recently started traveling and she knows how much my husband and I love to travel so she showed me hers and she loves it. Traveling has added such a wonderful dynamic to my marriage and our everyday lives and it’s so nice to see a product that never lets us forget what traveling together has done for us. Hoping that with our growing family (baby on the way!) we can continue to see the world and create more memories. "

- Allyssa and Tom

"I bought as a gift for my brother, who is both a traveler and a collector. This is perfect for him! I’m sure he’ll be ordering more rings on his own! We travel together frequently - so I may need to order my own! I was born & raised in Winnipeg, so I also love that I’m supporting a Canadian-based company that is trying to make the world a better place!"

- Jennifer

"We've had the opportunity for Juan to sing your praises to us. We now recognize and appreciate his enthusiasm in your company; he and our daughter have been quite the world travelers. Both have huge hearts and their travels too have often starkly revealed those less fortunate. They are 7 weeks into being first time parents but still recognize how very fortunate their little son is in contrast to the world they've seen. So your company is something they are happy to support, as are we."

- Kae

"I actually bought these items for my 26 year old daughter who currently is living in Manarola, Italy teaching English as a second language in LeSpezia nearby. She also rents AirBnB rooms in Manarola (Cinque Terre). It's a simple life there with extraordinary views. I saw your ad on FB and immediately wanted to get the key chain and rings for her. It's actually going to be a birthday present for her next month. I recently had a conversation with her about how many countries she has been too since moving to Europe 3 years ago and quickly found out she has been to more countries in 3 years than I have been to States in 53! I never had a zest for traveling abroad but since she has moved and I've HAD to visit her in Italy I certainly have the bug now for more adventures. I've only been to Canada, Denmark, United Kingdom, Italy, and South Africa but I'm already planning my next trip in March and hope to add a few more countries to my bucket list. Hmmm...she may be making a purchase for me soon! I think its wonderful what you are doing with your business, keep up the great work. You are making a difference one key chain ring at a time but most certainly leaving the world a better place!"

- Michelle

"I came across your Instagram a while ago and knew I had to have one! My boyfriend ordered me one for my birthday and when my dad saw it, he wanted one as well. Was on the top of his birthday list! My dad was born in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and I was born in South Africa so the work you do is very near and dear to me. We both LOVE travelling as well. I think my boyfriend gets a little annoyed when we haven't even left for our planned trip and I am already talking about the next one! Purchasing from you is a win win for me! Any way that I can help, I am all for! "

- Robyn

"You wouldn't believe the conversations about the places we have been to. Ordering the rings brought back some great memories. I wish I could say my key ring is full but no least I have something to work towards. Great idea and excellent quality and I love the idea behind it."

- Karen