Brown Vegan Leather Clip

$22.50 USD

Collect all your Engraved Rings on our Vegan Leather keychain for all those who aren't too hot on real leather. Keep in mind that it's thinner than our other versions, but still durable enough for you to take all over the world. Clip it your backpack, keys, bag...whatever feels right. Every time you see it, your Clip and Rings will remind of all the amazing places you've travelled and an inspiration to keep exploring.
More Info
- We can fit about 45 Rings onto each Clip and anymore than that we add another keyring onto the same Clip. 
- Add Rings as you go just like you're spinning a key onto a keychain.
- As for weight, it's super light...only about 50 grams for a Clip and 15 Rings. 
- Check on the passport photo above to give you a better idea about sizing. 
Handmade in Vancouver, Canada