SOFE x TC Country Ring Starter Pack

Made for free-spirited women, we've collaborated with the The Solo Female Traveler Network to create an exclusive Country Ring Starter Pack! Their logo is a combination of ancient symbolism and a compass to remind us to stay brave and adventurous.

Collect a Travel Ring for every country you've visited and add them to your exclusive, Solo Female Traveler Network Clip. Each clip is made of 100% genuine brown leather, and includes the SOFE logo on the back.  

Save up to 90% when starting your Travel Ring Collection with this limited-edition collab!

 * In this Starter Pack you'll receive:

  • Travel Ring for every country you have visited (as you indicate below)
  • A Brown SOFE x TC Clip
  • Free month of their VIP membership with each purchase of this clip

Learn more about collecting customized gold solo female travel rings and becoming apart of The Solo Female Traveler Network’s global community here. 

  • $99.00 USD
  • $217.50 USD