For those who love to travel and want to do some good in this world.

The Clip and Country Spacers

Your personal story of world travel. Collect Spacers, each engraved with a different country's abbreviation, and add them to your Clip as a simple reminder of all the amazing places you've experienced and an inspiration to keep exploring. 

Every purchase helps fund our education project in Dum, Ethiopia.

 We're currently raising $10,000 to contribute to the building of a school along with providing educational materials and leadership training to help open more opportunities for the children of Dum. Learn more about the community and our non-profit partner imagine1day.

#ontheroadwithTC for the chance to join us on an exclusive, Ethiopian adventure.

Share a picture of you on the road with Traveller Collective for a chance to join us on an all-expensed paid trip to Ethiopia to see first-hand the impact our collective is making.