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Rebecca L.

We were chatting in the office about how much we would all love a vacation when this whole pandemic situation is over.  We did a little Q&A with a few of us here at TC!

If things were different and you could travel to any country in the world, where would you go?

Jas – The states, because its close and I planned a road trip that I couldn’t take last year. 
Matt – Spain, Mallorca for a beach holiday.
Beth – Australia & New Zealand, and road trip around both places! 
Rebecca – Santorini, Greece for a long beach vacation.

Where did you last go on Vacation?
Jas – UK, to visit home
Matt – Mexico 
Beth – Road tripping the south-western states of the US! 
Rebecca – BC, Canada for a Roadtrip

What is the best food you have ever had and where did you get it?
Jas – ICELAND! I had the most amazing lamb dish at Lava by the Blue Lagoon. 
Matt – The best pizza in Capri, Italy. 
Beth – Ponchos Tacos in Puerta Vallarta.
Rebecca – Ottoman Roll in Calis, Turkey.

When you are away from home, what do you miss most?
Jas – My shower.
Matt – My bed! 
Beth – My shower and products. 
Rebecca – My own bathroom.

Have you ever missed a flight? What happened?
Jas – No, almost once, but only because of a connection delay.
Matt – Nope
Beth – No 
Rebecca – Never

What kind of vacation would you like to take next?
Jas – Canadian Road Trip
Matt – Beach 
Beth – Road Trip 
Rebecca - Camping Trip

And finally, what was the first country you ever travelled too??
Jas – Wales 
Rebecca – Also Wales!
Matt – United States
Beth – Unites States too!

Let us know in your answers in the comments!


  • Posted by Gabe G. on

    Hey guys! A couple months ago I received my TC rings and clip and just wanted to say thanks! I also really enjoyed the hand written card that came a long with it!

    If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I’d go to Israel. I’ve always wanted to work on an archeological dig there for a summer.

    My last vacation was to Australia. I absolutely loved it!

    The best food I had was in Tobago. I have some friends that live there and they made me curry and it was the BEST curry I have ever had!

    When I’m away from home I miss my shower the most.

    I missed a flight on the way to Hawaii once. I had a layover in Phoenix and there was a bomb threat in the terminal that I landed at. I ended up stuck in that terminal for an extra 5 hours crammed in with a couple hundred people. Turned out that some guy left his vehicle unattended while he was helping his girlfriend check in. The bomb squad came in and blew out the windows and trunk of his car. Luckily for us there was no bomb, but unfortunately for that guy, the car was a rental!

    For my next vacation, I’d love to go to New Zealand and visit a friend that lives there.

    The first country I travelled to was Canada. I have family in BC.

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