• DIY Sauna

      Rebecca L. Summer is almost upon us here in British Columbia, and it’s getting pretty busy at the campsites round about now. I love camping, it’s one of my favorite things to do at the weekend, but it’s still pretty cold right now in the evenings. Although I love nothing more than... View Post
  • Downie Live

    Learning more about local spots from Vancouverite, Mike! View Post
  • WATCH: Netflix's High on the Hog

      Matt C. Netflix’s new food show, High on the Hog, (which is based a book of the same name) is much more than simply a food show. It is a sunny melding of history, food and travel that follows the creation of African American food. The four episode arc travels from Africa back throughout ... View Post
  • WATCH: Judas and the Black Messiah

      Matt C. Shaka King's Judas and the Black Messiah is about the murder of Fred Hampton, deputy chairman of the Black Panther Party. Identified as a radical threat by the FBI, he was done in after they smeared him as a 'dangerous radical endangering the nation with violence and Communist rh... View Post
  • Wandering Wheels Campervans

      Jasmine G.   With travel being domesticated, of late, my feed has been flooded with wonderful pictures of friends’ local escapes. An increasingly popular trend seems to be living the #vanlife. And why not? Campervans are portable, comfy and have everything you need – including the... View Post
  • WATCH: The Leftovers

      Rebecca L. Set in a small New York town, this surreal tale follows a few survivors trying to piece together their lives after part of the global population disappears. The story follows police chief, Kevin Garvey, played fantastically by Justin Theroux (Louis Theroux’s cousin, funn... View Post
  • SEE: Imagine Van Gogh

      Matt C. This past weekend I was able to slip out for some covid-friendly fun, seeing the Imagine Van Gogh exhibit that is currently stationed here in Vancouver. It is an immersive exhibition, where his familiar works are projected (using some crazy technology that I can't explain) along ... View Post
  • The World's Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

      Rebecca L.   Check out this absolute treck of a suspension bridge in Portugal! Coming in at 1,693ft long and 574ft above the river below it, the Arouca 516 is officially the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. Connecting the Paiva Gorge to the Aguieiras waterfall, the bridge is... View Post