• Loco for Local

    A newfound love for where you live! View Post
  • Pandemic Puppy

      Bethany S.   Yes, I joined the band-waggon of getting a dog during a pandemic. My husband and I actually wanted one for a couple of years now and moved into a pet friendly building just so we could get one. Enter: Buddy Bandit, our sweet little terrier mix pup who we love so much and pick... View Post
  • HOW TO: Up Your Popcorn Game

      Matt C. With this seemingly eternal lockdown my movie nights seem to be getting closer and closer together. To me, that also means I have had to amp up my popcorn game. For me, this translates to three simple steps: popping the kernels stove top, lining the popped kernels on a baking she... View Post
  • Broken Wrist? No Problem

      Rebecca L. So last week I had a little snowboarding accident whilst enjoying beautiful Mount Seymour, and ended up with a broken wrist. As painful as it was, I found myself more concerned with how i was going to exercise, then how much it hurt. 6 weeks in a cast is a log time! Since the ... View Post
  • Have You Watched Seaspiricy Yet?

      Rebecca L. Lots of chatter about this documentary recently, so I thought I’d give it a go. After watching this new Netflix show it opened my eyes to what we are doing to our seas. I wrote a blog about Poke recently, but now I’ll be a lot more aware of the produce I choose.   Check out t... View Post
  • A Podcast with Your Celebrity Faves

      Bethany S. I’m sure like many of you I’ve got a lot more time on my hands to listen to some new podcasts. One of my new favourites suggested by my co-worker, Matt is Off Camera with Sam Jones. It’s a detailed and more intimate look into your most admired celebs. Below is a list of my top... View Post
  • Watch: Minari

      Matt C. I listened to a recent episode of the NPR podcast Fresh Air that Korean-American filmmaker Lee Isaac was featured, speaking about his latest film, Minari. His description of the film is tender and thoughtful recollections of his upbringing was enough inspiration to set up my at h... View Post
  • Travel Reads

    A list of a few books I’ve delved into on holiday. View Post