• Watch: Da 5 Bloods

      Matt C. Spike Lee has spent his entire career making films that force America to confront its history, and how it's been told. His latest film is no different. Da 5 Bloods, a Netflix-joint, released last year, centers on Vietnam veterans. In the initial screenplay, the majority of the ch... View Post
  • Camping Tips

      Bethany S.    Camping season is upon us and if you’re able to get to a local campsite this summer I have some suggestions for a satisfying overnight stay!  Make and pack ahead a large portion of pasta salad: here’s a quick and delicious recipe from Pinch of Yum. It’s a quick easy snack o... View Post
  • How To Survive an Earthquake

      Rebecca L. I have never experienced a major earthquake, but just a little one once many years ago. No major damage was done and just a couple of glasses smashed in the kitchen, but I realized I had no idea what to actually do if a major earthquake hit. The devastation that such an event ... View Post
  • Motivation to Keep Moving

    Finding enthusiasm for exercise. View Post
  • Spanish Tortilla

      Rebecca L. ¡Hola! I’ve been learning Spanish over the past few weeks, and luckily for me I live with some lovely Spanish ladies. A topic of debate that often comes up in our kitchen, other than which wine or cheese is the best, is Tortilla. This traditional Spanish dish is an omelette ma... View Post
  • Sleeper Trains

    A new sleeper train route you might want to stay awake for! View Post
  • Courgette and Summer Squash Salad

      Bethany S.  Spring has officially sprung here in the Pacific Northwest and we couldn’t be happier for all this sunshine and warmth. It already has me dreaming up beautiful picnics, tapas nights and BBQ. One of my favourite dishes to make is for those warm spring/summer evenings, a perfect... View Post
  • LISTEN: Still Processing Podcast

      Matt C. Throughout the year, I have had a tumultuous relationship with podcasts. Whether it is finding the right fit, weighing the pros and cons between the value in listening to something informative vs. informational... the list can go on. It wasn't until the recent return of probably ... View Post