Amazing Christmas Markets in Europe


Darryl M.

Ah there's nothing that gives us good feels this time of year than thinking about the European Christmas markets. Though we're not travelling out there first hand right now, we hope this tides you over until next year!

Let's us know about your experiences at Christmas Markets below!


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  • Posted by Carol Evangelisto on

    We were in Zagreb and Vienna and Bologna just last year.
    Amazing. Each very different and uniquely special.
    A holiday trip of a lifetime!

  • Posted by Susana Figueira on

    I’ve been to Christmas markets in Prague, Brussels and Budapest, also in Lisbon where I live. Sadly this year is not possible but I’m hoping to return to another next year! I have a lot of them that I want to go: Estrasbourg, Berlin, London… Happy Holidays everyone!

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