Culture Trip


Jasmine G.


I’ve been reading articles on Culture Trip recently that I thought might be worth sharing. Although we can’t travel recreationally right now, I find it fun to look into potential trips for the future!
  • Dreaming of a pacific island getaway but worried about the cost? Here’s an article on budget-friendly hostels in Fiji.
  • Want an atypical European break? See their list of 10 lesser-known cultural destinations to visit in Europe.
  • Are you an astro-enthusiast? Then this list of the best hotels for stargazing in Chile may be for you!
  • Thinking of visiting the Emerald Isle? Check out this guide to travelling solo in Ireland.
  • Love a dessert? You may want to delve into a Moroccan dessert after reading this article.


They’ve also launched a podcast called ‘Only In’ which provides history, travel tips and discussion about various New York boroughs. So, plenty to read and listen to whilst you’re dreaming of travelling!

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