Destination: COSTA RICA

"Centering yourself on a surfboard or yoga mat, descending into bat-filled caves or ascending misty volcanic peaks, hiking, biking or ziplining – your only limit is your return date." 

- From our friends at Lonely Planet


* as of January 5th, 2022 
  • No need for a COVID test to enter country. 
  • Unvaccinated travellers must have proof of travel health insurance. 
  • Must acquire a Digital Health Card online prior to arrival, regardless of vaccine status. This QR Code must be shown at border upon entry. 
  • Mandatory masks indoors and public transport. 
  • Must be fully vaccinated to enter most venues (bars, restaurants, malls, theatres etc).

A helpful video that touches on the history of Costa Rica, but focuses on 12 great travel tips that will no doubt help your trip planning. 

Leave a comment below and share some of your Costa Rican travel experiences...can't misses, helpful tips, how to get around etc.


  • Posted by Adam Quinn on

    Hi there! I’ve loved your travel rings for a long time now. Just thought I’d let you know that this is not currently in affect: “Must be fully vaccinated to enter most venues (bars, restaurants, malls, theatres etc).”

    While there was an executive order put in place for it, the implementation has been backed up to February now, but there are also several federal judges who have placed an injunction preventing it until cases can be tried.

    (Reference: I have been living and working in San José, Costa Rica since 2014)

  • Posted by TC on

    Thanks for clarifying Adam! Super helpful :)

  • Posted by Karen Bailey on

    Is it possible for you to make (2) Amsterdam travel rings. My daughter and I were shall I say trapped in the Amsterdam airport 1 full day, night and the next day until 5 in the afternoon. One good note, Amsterdam has a beautiful airport! Thank you, Karen

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