Destination: PALAU

"The Republic of Palau is scenically magical. For such a tiny area of land, it packs a big punch. It's hard not to be overwhelmed by its extraordinary array of natural wonders: this is an archipelago of about 200 largely pristine limestone and volcanic islands, blanketed in emerald forest, surrounded by a shimmering turquoise lagoon. Unsurprisingly, diving is the number-one activity here, with truly world-class dive sites. Divers swear by Palau's exciting seascape, fascinating wrecks and stunningly diverse marine life – it's not dubbed 'the underwater Serengeti' for nothing."

- From our friends at Lonely Planet



        "This is Pristine Paradise. Palau-- a place of unspoiled beauty, adventure, relaxation, and culture! "
        - Visit Palau


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