HOW TO: Up Your Popcorn Game


Matt C.

With this seemingly eternal lockdown my movie nights seem to be getting closer and closer together. To me, that also means I have had to amp up my popcorn game.

For me, this translates to three simple steps: popping the kernels stove top, lining the popped kernels on a baking sheet, and finally 'dressing' the popcorn according to how my buds of taste are leaning that day.

Ingredients/assembly required? Each of the three flavours listed below can be achieved with any basic setups of an apartment-style kitchen + pantry: basic spice rack, 1 pot, 1 baking sheet,  olive/coconut or cooking oil of your choosing and some organic popcorn kernels.

Ingredients (3 Seasonings Below)

A Little Spicy:
1 tea spoon sea salt
2 teaspoons black ground pepper
crushed red pepper flakes to taste
1/2 cup  popcorn kernels
¼  cup olive oil

A Little 'Cheesy':
1 tea spoon sea salt
2 tablespoons ground nutritional yeast
1/2 cup  popcorn kernels
¼  cup olive oil

A Little Garlicy + 'Cheesy':
1 tea spoon sea salt
2 teaspoons ground garlic
2 teaspoons ground onion
2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
1/2 cup  popcorn kernels
¼  cup olive oil

Step 1

If you're grinding fresh spices, you will need a mortar and pestle to finely grind your popcorn seasoning of choice. Alternatively, you can grab the same ingredients from your spice rack, I call this Matt-Style.

Step 2
Heat the oil in a saucepan on medium high heat with 3-4 kernels.
Once the few have popped, line in the rest at the bottom of the pot and cover until the popping is continuous. Covering and uncovering the pot and moving the pot around slightly on the burner - rinse and repeat until all your kernels are popped.

Step 3
Remove from heat and arrange popcorn on baking sheet. Drizzle with a little more oil, and toss to coat.

Step 4
Sprinkle on spices to taste and toss. Pour into a bowl once everything is spiced,  relax and hit play.

Lights, camera, POPCORN.

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