Vegetarian BBQ


Bethany S. 


As a lot of us are trying to eat less meat these days, I thought I’d share some ideas to keep those savory summer BBQ cravings satisfied with some yummy veggie recipes! 

  • Sauces like this chimichurri can be a great burst of flavour to add to those simple BBQ veggies
  • Marinate your Mushrooms like in this recipe and throw them on the BBQ.
  • A yummy fresh and smoky crunch can be achieved with this summer squash
  • You don’t throw these roasted potatoes on the BBQ but I think you can achieve better flavour in the oven and it’s still a great addition to the meal!
  • For a delicious and bright side dish to balance all those smoky and savoury flavours you can whip up this yummy orzo salad


Let us know if you give any of these a try and if you have any recipes you love and would like to share in the comments below!


 Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash

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