Education in Dum

Working with imagine1day, we helped contribute to the building of a school while providing educational materials and leadership training to ensure long-term and sustainable educational opportunities in the village of Dum, Ethiopia.


Dum is located in Tigray’s Endamekhoni district in the north of Ethiopia. Prior to the project, the community had 683 children who should be in early childhood or primary school, but only 557 were enrolled. For the students who did attend school, the school itself was in terrible condition. There was a classroom shortage and the few existing classrooms ran the risk of collapsing. It was a dusty and challenging learning environment. Only 39% of students had desks. There was no early childhood education, no library, no playground, no water, and no gender-segregated latrine. The poor learning environment had a huge impact on education, and enrolled students only attended 83% of the time.



100% of the money we donated went directly into the field to fund the project.

Along with the community of Dum and imagine1day, we helped build:

  • One four-block classroom 
  • Latrine
  • Library
  • School supplies: furniture, books, and science kits
  • Playground
  • Early Childhood Education classroom