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US State Rings
D. Bertelsen
Always happy with purchase!

I love ordering these for my family! It is quick and never have an issue. Wonderful company and highly recommend!!

Mountain Rings
Phillip Toney (United States)
Neat way to share your travels

Love the idea of being able to have the places you've been all on one key ring. I also was really impressed with the quality of the rings themselves. Easy to read, and lightweight, yet seem durable. Will be continuing to collect as time goes!

Country Rings
Anonymous (Germany)
Great gift idea

Makes for a great gift for that traveler in the family.

Custom Rings
Debra Bell
Mission minded

I have given these rings for each country my daughter has visited during mission evangelism trips. Also made a great graduation date reminder. We love these.

Custom Rings
Janis Nevison (Canada)
Travel Rings

I started to buy these rings for my son to track his journey as an international athlete. Every new place gets a new ring and we’ve expanded to provinces and states for North America. Custom rings are also awesome and special. The team at Traveller Collective reaches out and then delivers with quality service. Love the little envelopes they come in too!

Custom Rings
Jeannette Smith (United States)

I’ve ordered a few as gifts and they have been great.

NEW - Storm Grey Clip
Rachel F (United States)
Perfect gift

Great quality and easy process for ordering. This gift made my partner cry!

Custom Gold Rings
Shayla Winebuyer (United States)
So many compliments!

I like to think of myself as a vagabond, so, naturally, getting the countries that I’ve visited into jewelry form is my absolute dream come true. However, I’m an avid gold jewelry wearer, and as of right now, you don’t have countries available with gold washers. I used the gold custom washer which turned out to be pricey but worth it. There’s also no gold chains and I had to find a nice one at another store. But! I have had many people stop to look at my necklace and give compliments on it! Thanks!

Digital Gift Card
Astrid (United States)
It’s a gift card

It didn’t look like much and it would have been nice to be able to get a pretty version to print as I included it with a gift, but it looks easy to redeem and it did make clear what it was for and the value of the gift.

Country Rings
Ramon Torrado (Puerto Rico)
Nice places to remember!!

Excellent product to remember your travel stories!!

Country Rings
L.F. (United States)

I love these! They are a perfect way to symbolize all of the places I have been! Super special!


It truly is the best gift

key chain

I travel for work and I love that I can show off all the places I’ve been

Country Rings
Katherine Schroeder (United States)
Fun memento

I love collecting the country rings, they’re a fun way to keep a memento of each of the places I’ve gone. It’s a perfect small way to wear your love for travel

Classic Silver Necklace
Danele Cooper (United States)
Awesome product

I love saving my memories this way!!
Thank you so much!!!

Custom Gold Rings
Arran Gibson (United Kingdom)
Repeat customer for a reason

I love these, I’ve got a few now and the entire family gets one when we go on holiday. It’s a great moments and visual representation of the travelling we have done.

Dated US National Park Rings
Robert Dingus (United States)
Love the Dated US National Park Rings

My wife and I just got married last year and one of our bucket list items is to see as many National Parks as possible over our lives. I love having these rings to wear on my necklace as a reminder of these wonderful trips! Core Memories!

Brown Clip
Christina H (United States)

Absolutely in love with my purchase of the brown clip! High quality & easy to use.

Country Rings
Allison Y
Switzerland Country Ring

Absolutely love! I collect the US states but started to branch out to collect country rings.

Country Rings
Elisabeth Dahlqvist (Sweden)
Love the rings

I just love the country rings. I fidget with them - flip through them - bringing back memories!❤️

Country Rings
Andrea Striegel (United States)
Great idea!

The country rings are great. What an awesome way to keep up with the places we've visited. Can't wait to add our next ring!

Dated Country Rings
Cate L (United States)
The ONLY way to remember trips!!!

I have been getting these for my grandson since he started traveling with his parents when he was just a baby. He is now almost 15 and will have 25 country rings by the end of summer. He would have more except for those darn Covid years. He loves being able to look back and "remember when".

US State Rings
Bethany Taylor (United States)

A convenient, subtle, and inexpensive way to keep track of my world travels. I recommend these to anyone who enjoys exploring new states, parks, and countries!

Country Rings
Nick (United Kingdom)
Good quality

Good quality product, order updates promptly provided and with tracking number.

Lockdown Ring
Greg Pyburn (United States)
These guys are great

I ordered and needed a rush, they nailed it!
I love working with businesses that care!