Traveller Collective Reviews

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I LOVE being able to separate my travel rings by continents. I love how they are slightly larger than the other rings.

Coolest thing ever for a traveller

My daughter got me the keychain and rings for all the countries I have visited, 75 in total. It is the most incredible gift ever. She even got me the ones for the trips I had to postpone due to COVID, giving a glimmer of hope for future adventures. I love, love, love this product!

Great travel memories

I absolutely love my keychain with rings from different countries I’ve visited. It’s a great way to track and also remember my fun adventures. Looking forward to adding more to my collection.

Just Another Reason To Travel

Honestly, what’s better than collecting my rings as I travel the world?! These truly stand up to the elements (I rarely take my necklace off) and they have held up fantastic and look brand new!

Best Gift

Bought this to commemorate my wife and I's first trip together (our honeymoon). Hope to make this a tradition. Great product, will definitely buy as we travel to more places!

Great quality

Had my clip with 20+ rings for more than two years as my everyday keychain. It still looks like new and reminds me daily of my travels :)

Love it

I collect these for every country I visit and also a few special places like the Galapagos. I love having them on my travel backpack as a souvenir!

Best souvenir

I purchased a starter pack which included this clip and all the rings I needed to commemorate my travels! I enjoyed being able to look through all of them and tell people about my trips, and get to have my reminder on my keys each day. The color of this goes nicely with everything! Perfect gift for your passport loving friend.

Great Gift

These made great gifts for my family and travel buddies! Would definitely recommend!

A great reminder

I have a few of those rings and I like them, they are a great reminder of every travel.

Tan Clip
Great Concept and Product!

This is such a great way to commemorate your travels in one convenient package requiring very little storage space! I've purchased 2 travel clips (the tan for me, the black leather for my husband) and over 30 country rings - everything is really high quality. The leather on the clips is wearing well, and the engraving on the rings is very clear and easy to read. We're looking forward to adding more rings to our collection as time goes on!


The rings are really so cool and I love them. However the shipping is absolutely atrocious.


I love this clip! The color is a rich beautiful brown that goes perfectly with everything and holds 2 split rings with ease. Most of the time it’s on my pocketbook with all my travel rings, but when I travel it’s on my backpack. Looks great with both - dressed up or down!! Just perfect!

Love this necklace!

I get so many compliments when wearing my necklace. I bought one for me and my daughter to commemorate a trip we took together. We traveled eight countries on our trip, but I added rings for other travel we had taken separately. The chain is very durable and the length is perfect. I wear mine most of the time as I love looking at the rings, remembering the memories I have of my travels.

Love this country rings

I discover this project and this country rings looking in instagram and I thoght a great ideia to colect all the countrys I passed by in one place, now every place I go I take a picture with this rings and want to buy a need ring! The staff is great, they always respond the answers quickly!! Gotta Catch 'Em All!!!

Conversation Starter

This keychain oddly enough starts many conversations for me. Prior to receiving this gift, I had never been asked about my keychain, because why ask about a plain lanyard? Now I am always getting asked about the rings and it never fails to start a conversation. It opens the opportunity to talk about the places we've been and the places we want to go. It's a fun reminder for me to remember all the memories of each place.

Started with the Parks

These rings are such a fantastic idea. It started by collecting a few rings of the National Parks. Then I went back and filled in from a few other trips. I’m starting to get caught up to 42 rings. In the process, I discovered how great these are for gifts. I’ve lost track on how many rings I have given with different key rings and necklaces. My daughter is a CCU nurse and has used her necklace and rings as a topic of discussion with patients in this past year.

It makes me so happy!

I LOVE my TC keychain and rings! I clipped it to my travel bag and it’s such a cute accessory with lots of meaning. It makes me happy every time I see it because I can’t help but reminisce about my trips. Especially during lockdown, it makes me feel not too far away from travel.

These rings with clip are the perfect gift. Traveling this past year during covid was challenging to say they least, but a friend and I were able to visit a few national parks on a brief vacation. These rings were the perfect gift to commemorate the memories we made during such a crazy year! Love them and can't wait to visit more parks and add more rings to our clips!

Love the Memories!

The family gave rings to my son-in-law for his 60th birthday. I was so excited when I was given a start on my own collection. They are perfect for remembering and sharing stories.

Excellent service

I've already ordered 4 rings and I love every single one of them. Awesome way to remember the places you've been to.

So handy

This keychain is cute and handy. It keeps all your memories together


I’ve ordered about 8 of these now and they are incredible! Can’t wait to keep adding to my collection!

Country Rings
Best memorie

I love to buy a ring after traveling! When I see the rings on my keychain all the memories come back


I was gifted rings back in 2019 and shortly after purchased a whole slew more to try and complete my collection. I absolutely love this idea and the quality is top notch! The dated rings are great because I can remember when I went everywhere for the first time! Can't wait for travel to return so I can expand my keyring!!