Traveller Collective Reviews

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Love that you guys made this so I didn’t miss a year on my rings!

Great for collectors!

Love that I can keep my memories of all the parks I've visited in a neat and fun manner. Love my keychain collector and now I'm challenged to visit more parks and fill it up! I opted to have the dates engraved so I can easily remember when I went on my park vacations. Love this idea and so happy I started this new collection.

Fun and very transportable

These little rings are great. Usually if you have a bu ch of places/things you want to remember they get very bulky. I have done charm-type bracelets and necklaces for my wife. They get big and heavy after just a few. We have a bunch of these rings and they are still easy to have with us. Small, light, with just as much significance as a larger option. Very fun! Great for all the journeys in life.

Love this!

I love having my memories of where we’ve travelled as a family so close to me at all times! I find myself looking down at my rings and it brings me pure happiness


You are the best company

Love these!

I have 2 necklaces one with all my national parks and country’s I’ve visited, and one with all my states.

Perfect gift for travel lovers

So amazed by the high quality and how quickly it arrived. Simple but beautiful packaging. Highly recommend as a gift and also as a present for yourself.

Best present ever

I started collecting rings for my partner a while back, and gave it to him as a birthday present. It’s now a wonderful tradition that I truly cherish. Thank you!

Black on black

I love my black on black clip. The only thing is the black on the part where the rings are is starting to come off already so it won’t stay black on black very long. The rest is awesome.

My favorite Jewelry

The necklace I have with these rings is my favorite piece of jewelry. the memories i get to think back to when looking at these rings and amazing. I also love giving the rings as gifts so basically give memories to those around me too!


Very fast shipping, my mom loved her gift and I look fwd to purchase a set for myself.

High quality!

I bought these as a gift for my girlfriend and she loves them. They’re a great way to commemorate all our travels!


Looked just like the image! Arrived right on time. Can’t wait to start traveling again to collect more!

The best!

I love the products TC offers. They’re great quality and I get to have a token of memories to carry with me. The clip is the perfect thing! Highly recommend.


Love the rings so much! Such a good idea

Perfect Memories!

I love how durable all of the products are, especially the travel rings! The new custom rings have allowed me to engrave the words of my best friend and I's favourite song. I now get to see it every day and it is the perfect reminder.

Fun Collector's Item

This is such a fun idea! I love collecting the state and country rings as I continue on my travels! Highly recommended!


I absolutely love collecting rings from every country and carrying them with me everyday day makes me smile.

Love these unique gifts!

I’ve been purchasing these gifts for my nieces and nephews as they graduate high school. As they grow older and travel the world, I can add to their collection. They love it as a nice reminder of their travels and keep on their college backpacks.

Great way to remember a trip!

The rings are a reminder of some amazing memories and I look forward to adding to my wife's necklace every year!

I love the reminders of where I have been

While these little rings are expensive for someone who loves to travel and bought most of the rings at once, I love these. They are well made, easy to clean and care for, and are a constant remind of the cool places that I have been. This has been especially nice in the last year as I've really spent most of the time indoors.

Great key chain!

This key chain is awesome! Super durable and have the cutest key chains! 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Great gift!

Great gift for my husband !

Country Rings


These rings are the perfect gift for any traveler. I get them every time me and my partner go to another country and they are so elegant.