Camping Tips


Bethany S. 


Camping season is upon us and if you’re able to get to a local campsite this summer I have some suggestions for a satisfying overnight stay! 

Make and pack ahead a large portion of pasta salad: here’s a quick and delicious recipe from Pinch of Yum.

  • It’s a quick easy snack or meal when you’re not feeling like the same boring hotdog you had for lunch
  • Stores easy in a big resealable bag in your cooler which is a great space saver


Hack your S’mores by making it with Celebration milk chocolate cookies

  • The milk chocolate is built right into the cookie! And the cookie is the perfect shape! Magic.


Bring a couple of games like Taboo or Mad Gab

  • When things dwindle down after your day of adventuring, games like these are great to keep things fun


Pack an all-natural bug spray that actually goes a long way like this one from Shoreline Body Co.

  • Honestly this stuff packs a punch! I used this while working on a film set in Tofino and the mosquitos were a plenty. I was the only one not getting bit or bothered thanks to this amazing natural repellent.
  • And bonus! No crazy smelling chemicals that seem to barely work anyway. 


I hope you have a great camping season and if you have any tips you’d like to share, write them in the comments below!


  • Posted by Lorie Bueviaje on

    invest in gears :) that will change the game, for sure.

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