How To Survive an Earthquake


Rebecca L.

I have never experienced a major earthquake, but just a little one once many years ago. No major damage was done and just a couple of glasses smashed in the kitchen, but I realized I had no idea what to actually do if a major earthquake hit. The devastation that such an event can deliver is terrifying, and recently I came across a video that outlines some of the important steps to take if you ever find yourself in such a crisis.

One thing that we can all do is identify a safe spot for ourselves and our loved ones to meet…usually you want to have 2, one outside the house (in the street or the yard) and another open space outside of the residential area like a local park, or field. Another good idea is to have a few emergency supply kits accessible in the house. Enough water and snacks for a few days, a first aid kit, flashlight and a radio are helpful.

When it comes to the actual moment, the DROP, COVER and HOLD practice is outlined in this video. Anyone else who sometimes finds themselves lost in a YouTube hole, might also recognise this channel dedicated to surviving disasters. Check out the super intense episode on surviving an earthquake here:

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