Travel Man: 48 Hours In…


Jasmine G.

So…you’ve completed Netflix? And who’d blame ya?! With worldwide restrictions, staying in and binge-watching shows has become a pastime for most.

If you’re searching for something that’ll ignite some wanderlust, look no further than ‘Travel Man: 48 Hours In…’. In this show, British comedian, writer and actor Richard Ayoade gives a whole new take on city breaks. With his typical wit and sarcasm, Richard, alongside his comedic companions, gives the lowdown on how to spend 48 hours in a variety of locations. From Hamburg to Miami to Ljubljana - you’ll get bursts of culture, cuisine and comedy. This funny travel show is like no other and, with 9 seasons, is perfect to overindulge in!

You can find more information about the show on this webpage.

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