Listen: Yseult


Matt C.

This week I've been diving into French singer-songwriter Yseult. Her rise began after she was crowned the runner-up of the French reality competition series, Nouvelle Star in 2104. Since, she released her self titled hip-pop debut album Yseult, and a trilogy of extended plays, Rouge (2019), Noir (2019), and lasts years' more 'stripped back' BRUT. For the release, she said to Enfnts Terribles, “I will not go back to the music I made in the beginning and will develop the newfound style more in the future.”

And she does just that - with the piano-ballad opener INDÉlÉBILE, she works through high-notes and pierces right to the heart (even if you have no idea what she is actually saying). Other highlights include the lo-fi half-english SEXE, and the almost 7 minute ghost-y feature with S.Pri Noir, 101 Regrets. 

Take a listen to BRUThere.

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