Road Trip Ready?


Rebecca L.

Your vacation, your concerts, your parties, your birthday, your fun and your whole social calendar got cancelled last year and you’re just about ready to pack up the car and go see the country in time for the season? You’ve been eagerly anticipating the sunshine, and you finally feel like you might just about be able to plan a local road trip soon. Enjoying the scenic highway landscapes, the must-see roadside lookouts and the cute small-town coffee stop is just about as perfect as it can get. Whether you’re off on a long-weekend camping trip, or a long-haul adventure just make sure to ask this before you set off – are you ready?

I’ve seen my fair few of roadside mishaps whilst travelling around on the thoroughfare, so before you set off, take a look at a few of these road-trip tips...



You’ve got the tent, the all-weather wardrobe, the picnic essentials, the bear spray and just about everything bar the kitchen sink! But have you prepared the car?  We have to learn about it before we pass our test, but do we actually do it ever? Purchase a trusted tire pressure gauge and make sure your tires are good to go. Whilst you’re at it, check your spare tire too. Check out the fluid levels, the battery, the oil and the lights. Make sure she’s ready to roll before you set off…seems pretty standard, but is it pretty easy to forget? Maybe even take your vehicle in for a once over before you set off. Oh, and don’t forget to check the car keys are still good for battery!Here’s a helpful video to check out too -



It might be a good idea to check out your insurance policy is up to date, paid for and physically in your glovebox! Make sure you have your license, and whatever other documents or decals you need for your vehicle. If you’re setting out through a few National Parks, make sure to check if you need to display a pass before you go too!



Okay, seems dramatic…but until you end up stranded at the side of a very long, very quiet road without a bottle of water to your name, you might not think of how important it is to have some extra supplies – trust me! Get a little kit together – an extra phone charger, a flashlight, extra batteries, a first-aid kit, some necessary tools, car fluids, water to drink, some snack bars, even a spare gas canister…and (as old-school as it may be) maybe a road map! It doesn’t have to be the most elaborate set-up, but it’s worthwhile having something to help you out if you get stuck.



It’s always a hassle winging a trip, you never know if you’re gonna find a camping spot, or a hotel room where you want too. But, now especially, it’s important to plan ahead with your accommodation. Some parks, hotels, campsites, motels will have limited capacity, pre-booking only reservations or may not even be open at all. It’s a good idea to do lots of research before you head out on your trip. Same goes for the parks and other sight-seeing destinations too – be sure to check before you rock up. As much as I love the excitement of a “let’s just go” attitude, it’s not exactly always reliable, so try to avoid disappointment by planning ahead.

Let us know any of your road-trip tips below : )

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